!______! (filemyheartaway) wrote in xporcelainxface,

All right, so, I'm not posting an application, because I am hot shit, and far too good to fill one out. I'm as elite as it gets. I am a member of this community as of now. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Now here is proof of my tuffness.

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are you kidding me?

i will knock you out cold.

Psh. I'll go buck wild on yo ass.

Stacey Faye knows how tuff I am!
i am in love with mr alex burton
And if you aren't completely cognizant, I am the Alex Burton she speaks of.

Loveeee you too Stacey Faye.
do it.


really hard.
Oh, I will, don't you fret.

i can hardly wait.
i look better in bandanas the you !!!!!!!!!
In your dreams.
naw i could prove it
Than prove it, BIZOTCH!
make a friggen application bandana boy.
Nope. Not gonna happen. MODs don't have to apply.
We'll see about that.
Oh will we now?
you tell em!
you're cute.